CEO: Ki-Taek Lim, Ph.D.

  • Biomechagen Co., Ltd.

  • Associate Professor, Biosystems Engineering, KNU

  • Adjunct Professor / Visiting Scholar, Biosystems Engineering, SNU



  • Prof. Lim completed his undergraduate degrees in Biosystems Engineering at Konkuk University and an MA in Biomechatronics from Sungkyunkwan University. Ki-Taek continued his doctoral studies in Biosystems Engineering at Seoul National University under the joint supervision of Prof. Jong Hoon Chung. He held a postdoctoral appointment at Dental Research Institute, Seoul National University where he developed high-throughput automated culture platforms via a bioreactor process engineering for enhanced tissue regeneration from stem cells in Prof. Pill-Hoon Choung’s laboratory, plus, he developed nanoparticles as tools to control stem cells in Prof. Jin-Woo Kim’s Bio/Nano-Technology Group, Institute for Nanoscience and Engineering, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. Ki-Taek joined KNU as an Assistant Professor of Biosystems Engineering in Feb. 2015, with getting along with an Adjunct Professor and a Visiting Scholar at SNU (Seoul National University)

  • Biomechagen Co., Ltd. was established on September 8 2020 that supported by government research funding resources. The BIOMECHAGEN's final aim to propel out is a cell therapy with a state of the art technologies based on we keep high advanced toolkits.

  • The primary thing above all is a solid trust between the BIOMECHAGEN products and customers. 

  • To make a realistic relationship, our readership and academic advisors would be each other communicated to a customer-orientation.