Biomechagen Institute

Biomechagen is a development stage company creating novel medical diagnostic products for preventing and detecting healthcare associated infections.


 Synergistic Platforms of Next-Generation

Biomechagen is pioneering the development of a new class of specific therapeutic nanoengineering healingforms. Our new technology platform is based on the discovery of exosome functions s to block the immune processes causing immune-mediated diseases. Biomechagen is a privately held biotechnology company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of novel anti-infectives for the treatment of diseases that are inadequately addressed by current standard-of-care therapies. Biomechagen's initial portfolio is comprised of long-acting antifungal product candidates, exosome-skincare and its healing nanohydrogel patches for the treatment of serious fungal infections. In addition, Biomechagen has developed a proprietary immunotherapy platform, HydrogelBG, designed to create antifungals, antibacterials and antivirals that direct a patient's immune cells to attack and eliminate pathogens that cause infectious disease.


Biomechagenis headquartered in Chuncheon, South Korea.